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some good reviews

What People Say

Great place and excellent customer service...seems like they just opened...hoping for more marketing and keeping the same high quality indian food, much needed for Northville community... Also, try and do patio for outdoor dining as well in the future, that would welcome more customers...Good luck guys...


Great food and great service! Especially, loved the Chicken Tandoori & Fish appetizer. The 'kashmiri' Naan was a treat and it was perfectly stuffed with garlic & onion bits. Do not miss the Biryani! Special shout out to Onion Samosa & Masala Chai(Tea)!!
Overall, excellent food, ambience, and definitely great staff. Don’t miss out on Athidhi if you’re in Northville area!


I know most of the owners. They are of the best in the restaurant business and with the right attitude and passion.

Shiva Bongu